Our Mission

"Quest to Achieve Higher Operational Reliability And Safety of SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINES and FIGHTER AIRCRAFT."

Our History

Laxtronics Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd. formed in 1989 to provide engineering solution to the problems faced by Industries to improve Productivity, Quality, Reliability of the products manufactured. In the progression, company has developed various kinds of testers, encompassing hardware and software to deliver the solution to specific to distressing engineering issue discovered during the span of operations. Company has also helped industries in upgrading or modification of their existing test setup and machines to enhance performance.

Our Competencies

Our Expertise:

  1. High Voltage Power Supply Units
  2. Design & Development of Solar Power Systems
  3. Design & Development of Embedded Systems
  4. Data Logging Equipments
  5. Ground Test/ Support Equipments
  6. Safety Measurement Equipments
  7. Custom Built Equipments

Assistance We Can Provide to Other Industries:

  1. Electronic Product Development
  2. After Sales Service Support & Maintenance of Avionics
  3. Embedded System & Software Development
  4. Electronic Product Development