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Laxtronics Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd. is registered as a small scale industry dedicated to R&D and batch production of special purpose Electronics in general and Air borne in particular. Established in 1989, company is serving development activity requirements of Indian Air Force, HAL, BEL, BDL, BARC, NPC, CQAL, DGQA, and ITI besides many other Industrial organisations.After development of various Ground tester and Avionics, the company has initial ventured into series production of the units develped, besides the core competency area of R&D.

"There is always SOMETHING, that we dont know yet"

We undertake designing and development of embedded systems

  1. Test Equipments
  2. -----------------------------------------
  3. Ground Tester
  4. -----------------------------------------
  5. Product Function Tester
  6. -----------------------------------------
  7. Calibrators
  8. -----------------------------------------
  9. Avionics
  10. -----------------------------------------

  1. CEMILAC Design Approval
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  3. SIATI Award
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